The 4 Best Ways To Protect Grout From Staining

Who does not want a spick and span bathroom? Our bathrooms are a pious and personal place to be, and we would want them to be as orderly and pretty as possible. Tile and Grout Cleaning and Protection should be consistent, otherwise, in no time, you will get the dirty and dull tile and grout. […]


How to Clean Mould in Shower Tile and Grout Naturally?

How to Remove Mould in Shower Tile and Grout naturally is one of the most asked for the question to us, since your bathrooms get dirty often with regular use. In this article, Tom’s Tile and Grout Cleaning professionals are going to share with you how you can clean your bathroom and toilet’s tile and […]


How to Prevent and Clean Shower Tile Grout

Clean shower tile grout isn’t an easy task as it is shown in TV commercials. It takes a lot of efforts and the right process to do so. Cleaning a bathroom tile is the hardest thing especially the grout between the tiles. It gets stains easily and the dirt gets trapped deep down inside. It […]


Is tile mopping sufficient to keep the tile floors clean?

Homemakers are very well acquainted to the efforts of tile mopping required in keeping the home clean especially when children or pets are around. A clean house is not just beautiful to be in but it is essential to maintain cleanliness when considering the health hazards associated with dirt and stains. Dusting, mopping and carpet […]


What Do You Use To Clean Porcelain Tile Floors

Porcelain tiles are generally found in the majority of households, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Porcelain Tile Cleaning is pretty easy. They can handle all the cleaning agents without losing their lustre and are scratch resistant. But the problem occurs when they get stained and the stain has to be removed and apart from that they […]


6 Tips on Tile and Grout Cleaning to Make your Tiles Look Brand New

Do you want your kitchen and bathroom flooring tiles to look brand new? Cleaning the grout is the secret. Extend the life of the grout by tile and grout cleaning daily. Soap and mildew are to blame when for the dirty grout in a bathroom and spills make dirty grout in the kitchen area. Fresh […]


7 Easy Steps To Remove Grout Haze From Tile And Grout

After renovating your tiles, you notice some residues of Grout Haze, then it is time to remove it quickly within a day. Grout haze develops when the remains of the grout dry out after installation of the grout on the tiles. One will observe glossy patches or dull smears of white dusty residues on the […]


Top 4 Ways to Protect Tile and Grout From Mould Growth

The growth of mould in the minor cracks, crevices and tile grouts can give a very shoddy appearance to your beautiful home. Not only it looks bad but is also unhygienic! Hence, you need to figure out ways and tricks to combat this problem! This article will guide you on best ways for Tile Grout Cleaning that […]


Why Should You Hire Tile and Grout Restoration Professional

Tile and Grout Restoration and cleaning is not an easy job, it is not something that can be easily done using household appliances let alone, repairing and sealing tile and grout. It is always advisable to hire a tile and grout restoration professional. Here are some of the reasons why you should do the same. […]


How to Clean Tile Grout Easily Without Scrubbing?

One of the common complaints that the companies receive from their customers is the grout line cleaning of the restroom. At the time of cleaning the restroom, it must be kept in mind that the room should not only look clean but also give a clean feel and smell. In order to maintain the highest […]

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