Care Tips for Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles in Australia

Many Australian homeowners choose to have floors made of ceramic and porcelain tiles as both are available in stylish look. Moreover, if homeowners invest time in regular tile cleaning, they can save money otherwise needed in professional tile and grout cleaning Melbourne. Of course, using the professional tile cleaning service at a regular interval cannot be replaced with household cleaning techniques, but it can reduce the need for frequent professional cleaning.

To help you look after your porcelain and ceramic tiles in a better way, we will share care tips:

1. Bathroom Tiles

The most difficult area with tiles is the bathroom. To help you take better care of your bathroom’s ceramic and porcelain tiles, here are the major tips:

  • Bathroom area near shower often accumulates residues of shampoo and soap. Take a soft, clean cloth and damp it in clean water. Lightly wipe the tiles. This will remove the soapy residues. This step of tile cleaning is also helpful in removing calcium usually found in water.
  • If the residue does not get removed with simple wiping or if you start seeing early signs of grime, perform tile and grout cleaning Melbourne with pH neutral cleaner mixed in warm water. It will clean the tiles and give them, shine, too.

2. Counters

Many Australians use ceramic and porcelain tiles in kitchen countertops. To maintain tiles in this area often gets tougher as they get food splashes and stains during preparation and cooking. Here are the care tips to maintain tiles on the countertop in good shape:

  • Wipe off the countertop immediately after cooking. This will ensure tile cleaning does not become a tough job.
  • Use pH based cleaner to remove all stains and grime from the countertop. Do not use any cleaners having abrasive or ammonia.
  • You can also clean countertop tiles with soapy water made of liquid soap and lukewarm water to clean grime from the top.

These tile and grout cleaning Melbourne tips can be used to clean any countertops made of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

3. Floors

One of the most common areas where you find ceramic and porcelain tiles is floors. To avoid piling up grime and dirt in your grout, you must clean tiles regularly. Follow these tips:

  • Vacuum clean the floor with a suitable brush to remove all hard objects, solid dirt, dust, etc.
  • Mop the tiles with a solution made of water and soap.
  • Mop the tiles again with clean water to remove soap from the tiles.
  • If you see the need for more thorough tile and grout cleaning Melbourne, you can take microfibre damped in the soapy solution made of liquid soap and lukewarm water.


Regular cleaning and care will keep your tiles shiny and will also extend its life. Remember, never use harsh chemicals like bleach for tile cleaning and at a regular interval invest in professional tile and grout cleaning Melbourne.

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