Ceramic Tile Floor Bedroom Ideas

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Ceramic tiles are usually used in areas that hold high-moisture, such as a bathroom, entryways, pathways near the garden, etc. However, in the past few years, ceramic floor tile made its way into bedrooms. People start using this type of tiles in their bedrooms for multiple reasons such as:

  • It gives a warm and attractive look.
  • Tile Cleaning process is easy.
  • Radiant heating can make ceramic floor tile warmer quickly.

There are different types of ceramic tiles available in the market which can be used aesthetically in bedroom flooring. Let me give you some ideas which you can apply to your bedroom.

1. Porcelain Planks with Wood-Alike Look

If you like a contemporary look, then this type of ceramic tiles would be perfect for you. The tiles get designed in a way that resembles the look of wood planks on the floor. Choose the radiant colour to get that perfect look. You can get wood-like porcelain tiles in different resemblances of tree woods such as:

  • Pine
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Birch

After the tile installation, make sure to call us for tile cleaning at least once in three to six months to keep its beauty intact.

Don’t forget to contact us to get the best Wood-Alike Tile Cleaning service for your ceramic tiles.

2. Marble-Look Ceramic Tile

There are many cities in which marble tiles look cool and classy and families want to get that. However, marbles are expensive and everyone cannot afford it. Don’t worry. You can get the ceramic floor tiles that look like marble. It is durable and cool. Tile cleaning is also very easy in this type of tile. You can also get ceramic tiles that resemble other types of stones.

To get the professional tile cleaning for your Marble-look tiles, schedule an appointment.

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3. Rectangular Tiles

If you are looking for bedroom tile ideas that give an unconventional look to your bedroom, then here you go. Get rectangular tiles which get fitted in a running-bond like a pattern. Unlike traditional tiles which come in a square shape, these ceramic tiles come in a rectangular shape. There are different colours available to match the interior of your bedroom.

Don’t forget to book an appointment for inspection and professional tile cleaning for your rectangular tiles at regular interval.

4. Caramel Porcelain

If you want to give a spacious look to your bedroom, then caramel porcelain tiles in a stack bond pattern are ideal for you. To add warm in this type of tiles, get electric radiant floor heating installed under the tiles.

To keep its beauty as it is, use professional tile cleaning services as per the recommendation of the experts. Call us on 1300 068 194 to discuss more in detail.


There are different varieties in ceramic tiles to choose from. You can choose the one as per your preference and style. Keep the usual climate in mind while choosing it. It gives a classy look to your bedroom at pocket-friendly rates. Do not forget to call us for tile cleaning to keep your bedroom clean, hygienic, and beautiful.

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