How To Clean Travertine Tile Effectively?

Travertine is one of the most popular tile types in Australia because of its endurance and beauty. After polishing and finishing, they look quite like marbles. However, they can wear out quickly in the presence of dirt, foot traffic, changes in climate, etc. Thus, it is necessary to be mindful of travertine tile cleaning and maintenance.

Travertine Tile Cleaning Tips

  • Before you start investing your time in learning about travertine tile cleaning, you must know one important care tip. Before installation of this tile, you must seal the tiles using the service offered by the company offering professional cleaning.
  • Regular cleaning of travertine tiles is necessary to reduce the wear and tear effect due to dirt, high traffic on tiles, etc.
  • Never use acidic cleaning solution for travertine cleaning because it can damage the tile surface and result in ugly scratches or wear and tear on the surface of the tiles.
  • The use of abrasive cleaning solutions can result in scratched or damaged tiles, so that should be avoided at any cost for regular travertine tile cleaning and maintenance.
  • You must also avoid using bleach or bleaching agents to clean travertine tiles as bleach also has the same effect on this tile type as acidic cleaning solution has.
  • If the surface of your travertine tiles is flat or smooth, you can use a mop for cleaning.
  • You can also use a sponge or soft cloth to clean the smooth or flat surface of this tile.
  • You can use hot or lukewarm water for effective cleaning results.
  • Using PH-neutral tile cleaning solutions is recommended to clean this type of tile.
  • For stains or similar visible dirt, you can use a stone cleaner.
  • If the surface is textured or rough, then you should use a doodlebug for more effective tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne.

Travertine Tile Cleaning and Care Tips

  • This type of tile is very sensitive and cannot resist spills and stains of fruit juices, wine, tomato sauce or soup, wine, soda, etc. It can make your tiles look dull and damage the finishing of the tiles or surface.
  • It is necessary to blot the spillage immediately with paper towels to maintain the travertine in good shape.
  • At regular intervals, using tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne from experts is necessary to give a more thorough cleaning to tiles and grout. These companies use specific cleaning agents that give good cleaning results without damaging the tiles.
  • It is necessary to mop the tiles every day or every alternate day to remove dust from the surface. Dry mopping is enough for regular cleaning.
  • Prevent spilling toiletries on travertine tiles as it may damage the tiles. You can use a case or basket to keep your toiletries if you have travertine tiles in the bathroom.
  • Avoid using vinegar, lemon, ammonia and similar products for travertine tile cleaning as it will end up damaging your tiles.

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