How to Extend the Life of Tiles?

Tiles, whether used only in the bathroom or used in house with tile flooring, can attract dirt, dust, stains, and grime. Tile grout is not something new or unusual. Sometimes, even if you spend enough time on tile cleaning yourself, it gets dirty or damaged. The only option left is to change the tiles. To save bucks and pain on tile replacement, you better focus on taking good care of your tiles and extend its life.

Top tips That will Help you Extend the Life of your Tiles

1. Take Extra Care of Tiles in High Traffic Areas

  • Entries, exits, etc. are the high traffic area. Tiles in these areas need special attention.
  • Keep your eyes on these areas as the tiles in high traffic areas get more stains and dirt. It is better to address the stains as soon as possible with the right tile cleaning
  • To protect tiles in high traffic areas, you can also place mats or rugs. This will not only remove stains and dirt from the tiles, but it will also reduce wear and tear. It will help in extending the life of the tiles.

2. Tile and Grout Cleaning Regime for Different Areas

  • Regular tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne is necessary to preserve the look of tiles and extend its life.
  • Tiles in the house can be cleaned once a fortnight. However, the tiles in the balcony, patio, etc. need to be cleaned daily or every alternate day.
  • The areas with the least footfalls can be cleaned once a week.

3. Tile Cleaning Solution

  • Many people use any solution for tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne, but this is not a good practice.
  • Chemical-based tile cleaning solutions can give excellent results right after the cleaning session, but it damages the tiles and reduces its life.
  • A simple cleaning hack to clean the tiles is to use hot water and chemical-free detergent for cleaning.
  • Before using any cleaning solution, it is necessary to ensure it is safe for use. You can check with your provider.

4. Address Stains and Grout Instantly

  • If you have tile flooring and you see stains or grout on the tiles, then do not wait till the weekend to clean it.
  • Fresh stains can be removed quickly. Similarly, grout can be addressed easily if it has just started appearing.
  • You can use any DIY tile cleaning hacks, which uses chemical-free cleaning agents and safe to use on your tiles.

5. Invest in Professional Tile Cleaning

  • Similar to your upholstery, your tiles also need professional attention.
  • Professional tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne will not only clean the tiles but also rejuvenate their shine.
  • The professional companies use tools and cleaning solution, which effectively remove grout and stains to make tiles look new like.

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