The 4 Best Ways To Protect Grout From Staining

Protect Grout

Who does not want a spick and span bathroom? Our bathrooms are a pious and personal place to be, and we would want them to be as orderly and pretty as possible. Tile and Grout Cleaning and Protection should be consistent, otherwise, in no time, you will get the dirty and dull tile and grout.

Cleaning dirty grout manually through scalpel to replace it is a tedious and difficult task it is better to protect your bathroom tiles and grout beforehand. In this blog, you will learn how to protect the grout from staining.

The 4 Best Ways To Protect Grout From Staining

1. Sealing The Tile and Grout

The grout is made up of cement, and cement has porous physical properties, due to that it absorbs any oil, water, and soap-based stains. It is only natural for bathroom tiles to be lathered with soap and water. So, how do we keep the grout stain-free and getting dull and dirty with time? With an appropriate commercially available sealer. The sealer will not let any materials reach the grout, this sealer can also be put on the tiles, to keep them from losing their shine.

2. Cleaning Periodically

Tile grout discolouration does not happen overnight, they stain slightly every day which is not visible to the naked eye. But it will see in three, four months of time you will see them be very dull. The solution to this is you regularly in fixed intervals clean your shower tiles and grout with a sponge or a rag. You can also consult a professional tile and grout cleaning company.

3. Use the Vanilla Candles Cautiously

Or any candles that you use to soothe your sense of smell while in the shower, the flare of candle decolourise the tiles in the ceiling and also damage the grout, if you keep the candle too close to the walls of your bath, they can damage the tile and grout of the sides too. Try to place them cautiously.

4. Dye The Grout

This is one of the trickiest technique to carry out, you can either add dye before grouting the tile into the cement. You can also regrout tiles using dyed grout. You can also dye the grout directly but you would be risking staining the tiles.

These methods are helpful in preventing tile and grout rather than replacing them, you can also hire professional tile and grout cleaners if your tile and grout have not been cleaned for a long time and want to learn more preventional methods.

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