The Best Way to Clean Floor Grout

Clean Floor Grout

Clean floor grout makes your home floor look lively and sparkling. Grout lines are such area of your floor where the dirt and dust lives and does not go away so easily. They are the lines between the tiles so even if you clean up your tiles, cleaning your grout can be very challenging and time-consuming.

4 Challenges to Clean Your Floor Grout

Cleaning your floor grout is not at all easy. Let’s understand what can be the challenges to clean your floor grout:

1. Cleaning your grout by yourselves takes up so much of your valuable time as it takes hours to clean your grout by kneeling down on your floors.

2. This kneeling down also brings pains in your hands and knees, which affects your overall health.

3. Also, there are so many commercial grout cleaners available in the market and this creates doubts on which one will be the best for your floor grout.

4. Sometimes, commercial grout cleaners use acid as their cleaning chemical and that can be really risky to use them as they are not good for tiles as well as your body.

So, now you would be thinking that if these are the challenges that aren’t there any other options to clean your floor grout? or how to clean shower tile and grout? Yes, there are. Here, our grout cleaning experts share the best ways to clean your floor grout to make your home look clean and fresh:

3 Best Ways to Clean Floor Grout

1. Natural Grout Cleaning

As the name suggests, this type of grout cleaning uses the natural processes. You can use the following method here

1 – Prepare the mixture of vinegar and water or the water mixed baking soda paste
2 – Apply this mixture to your grout and rub them using a toothbrush to scrub your grout
3 – Clean the entire applied solution with the fresh and clean water
This solution does not harm your body and is completely safe for your floor grout.

2. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is very effective way to clean your grout. For this method, you would need to rent a steam cleaner for a day. But, you would also need to ask for a grout cleaning attachment with the steam cleaner. Now, let’s understand how to use the steam cleaner to effectively clean your grout lines:
1 – Set the steam cleaner’s temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
2 – With the brush of the steam cleaner facing towards your floor grout, start the cleaner and move continuously along the grout lines to clean your grout
3 – Use the rag to remove the dust and water residue
By using this steam cleaning method, you need to make sure you don’t use it on your old or broken floors as it can damage your floors more.

3. Professional Grout Cleaning

All of these above methods are really tiring and time consuming. It takes a hell lot of time to sit down on your knees and scrubbing your floors with your hands for hours. Rather, you can concentrate on more constructive and quality work like spending time with your family or maybe other important tasks. While you do your important tasks, the professional grout cleaners can clean your grout in very less time using their specialised chemicals, equipments and tools. They can easily find even the tiniest stain or dirt that resides in your grout lines. They are highly trained in grout cleaning and making your home floors sparkling just as new.

Do you also feel grout cleaning to be very important yet tiring? Contact the commercial grout cleaning leaders that can make your home look clean and refreshing with their grout cleaning services.

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