Why Do You Need Tile Grout Sealers For Your Showers?

Tile Grout Sealer

We come across this question a lot of time, whether to get tile grout sealing for your shower tiles or not, in this blog we will discuss the same along with different types of grout sealer and other aspects of grout sealing you might want to know.

What is A Grout Sealer?

A Grout sealer is a white or grey colored gel-based coating that is 100% waterproof. It is used to seal the grout between the shower tiles to prevent moisture for destroying the tile work.

Is a Grout Sealer Necessary?

While installing tiles, grout is put between the tiles to prevent dirt and moisture to penetrate the underneath of the tiles. Having said that grout needs protection too, grout is basically made of sand and sand has water absorbing properties. When you have an unsealed grout, the lingering moisture or direct water passes the tile and grout can destroy your tile work by sagging and falling off. The water damages the adhesive that keeps the bathroom tiles stuck to the walls.

In conclusion, tile grout sealer for shower tiles is a must.

What are the different types of tile grout sealer for shower tiles?

1. Silicone Sealer

This type of grout sealer is made specifically to use in areas of high humidity. It comes in liquid form contained in a bottle. It is easy to apply the silicone sealer container has a cap with a built-in applicator that easily fits the grout spaces almost exactly. Some sealers may also come as spray without a built-in applicator. It has a transparent colour.

2. Polyurethane Sealer

This sealer has many similar properties to silicone sealer. Like silicone, polyurethane is also applied over the top of grout it also dries in a transparent colour. However, polyurethane is used in a larger variety of fields than silicone, while silicone is most commonly used in shower and other plumbing areas. So, this kind of sealer usually comes in a can or a bottle without any built-in applicator.

When should you carry out grout sealing?

It is advisable to get it done when the tiling work is done itself. But you can also do it afterwards. But make sure you carry out grout sealing for your bathroom tiles is when the walls of your bathroom have not been wet for 6 hours. The reason is to not trap the moisture inside with sealing. Let the grout dry out completely before sealing.

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