Why You Must Not Try Re-Grouting by Your Own?


Even if you invest in professional tile and grout cleaning, with time you may see grout peeling off or breaking down from some places. If you use the wrong DIY grout cleaning hacks, then damaged grout can be the result of the same if not wear and tear. In this case, you need to re-grout the tiles. It is advisable to take the service from the company offering you professional tile floor cleaning services.

Internet is flooded with many DIY videos and hacks sharing tile re-grouting methods, but you must not try your hands on it until and unless you work in a professional tile and grout cleaning company. Unlike grout cleaning at home, the re-grouting process with DIY hacks can result in major concerns.

Let us share why not perform tile re-grouting on your own:

1. Tile Re-Grouting Is Not As Easy As it Looks

  • The DIY videos make the tile re-grouting process look as easy as performing grout cleaning with simple water.
  • Tile re-grouting is a complicated process and needs detailed level work.
  • It cannot be completed by having the best tools only. It needs experience and time.

2. You May Damage The Tile, Grout, Or Yourself

  • The tile re-grouting process is quite complicated even if it looks straightforward in the DIY videos and articles.
  • During the process of removing grout, you are likely to damage or even break your tiles with the tools you are using if you do not know how to handle them correctly.
  • The tools may also give an injury to your hand or yourself.

3. You May End Up Investing More Than Required for Professional Tile Re-Grouting

  • For tile re-grouting, you will need to first scrape off the grout between two tiles. For this process, specific tools are required, which often companies offering professional tile and grout cleaning
  • If you try tile re-grouting at home, you will need to first buy all the required tools to remove the grout between the tiles and re-grout the tiles. These tools are expensive. You might not need to use them for years if you re-grout tiles correctly. It means the tools you buy for tile re-grouting will stay unused for years and will result in a waste of money.
  • Unlike tile and grout cleaning, tile re-grouting is a more time consuming and detail-oriented job. You will need to spend time completing the process with precision. If you will compare the time you spend on tile re-grouting compared to the money you invest in the professional company offering tile re-grouting along with the tile floor cleaning services, you will waste more money on the DIY hack.
  • If you damage the tile during the tile re-grouting process, then you are likely to end up spending way more money as now along with the tile regrouting, you will also need tile replacement.


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