Tile Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Are you looking for a professional tile and grout cleaning Melbourne service? Fortunately, you happen to be at the right place. We offer expertise driven tile and grout cleaning Melbourne for residential and commercial properties and years of frontline experience in this. We offer cleaning and restoration service for all types of tiles made of different stones including Travertine, Slate, Sandstone, Marble and Limestone and non-marble tiles like Ceramic, Terrazzo, and Porcelain.

We have the reputation of using high-quality premium grade cleaning materials to ensure optimum cleaning output and zero damage to the shine and glaze of your tiles. Our tile and grout cleaning Melbourne service will ensure cleanliness in your interior and will also provide a fresh breath of life for the old tiles. We offer an around the week service allowing you to contact us for cleaning requirements even during weekends and public holidays.

Besides cleaning your tiles grouts we are also a sought-after service for repairing your damaged tiles and giving your already stained, adulterated floor a fresh new look. If you are looking for a professional tile repair Melbourne service skilled and experienced in dealing with all types of tiles, be assured, you have come to the right place. Besides our highly equipped and state-of-the-art cleaning procedures, we are also an established name among the services for tile cleaning and sealing Melbourne offers. Tell us any of your requirements concerning cleaning and repairing of tiles and we are going to deliver you the best in class service in Melbourne.

Tile Grout Cleaning Process We Follow

As a professional tile and grout cleaning Melbourne service we follow a cleaning process which is internationally validated with assurance for optimum cleaning output and care for the tiles. Our process goes like this.
  • We spray over the tiles a professional grade cleaning product.
  • Then we start scrubbing the tiles using rotary scrubber machine equipped with tiles brush that can easily remove the deposits of dirt along with the solution from the tile surface and grout.
  • Now our cleaning professionals using a specially constructed tile cleaning hand brush clean the grout in the edges and corners of the room.
  • Then we start steam cleaning the entire floor with high-pressure 1000 psi hot water along with a high suction extraction machine.
  • In the end we dry out the floor with a dry mop. We leave your floor in spotlessly clean and refreshed condition.

Same Day Tile Cleaning

If you wanted to transform the look of your tiles and grout area, feel free to reach us out at Toms Tiles Cleaning Services for Floor Tile Cleaning, Pool Cleaning, Bathtub Cleaning and Grout Cleaning. We are available for 24/7, if you have any emergency then we provide same day tile cleaning services in Melbourne. Just call us on 1300068194.
We believe in maintaining our relationships with our Customers beyond the cleaning services by providing them healthier and optimal services. We believe in the saying that more often they call us, less the work they have to deal with.
In order to seal the deal with Professional Tile Cleaning send your queries now or reach to our website link to get the best tile cleaning services at your door with exciting offers. We are eager to assist you in any type of Cleaning.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Melbourne Services Offered By Us

We are widely popular as a tile and grout cleaning Melbourne service for the city dwellers and commercial premises and our range of services includes a wide variety of services not just limited to tile and grout cleaning. Let us explain here all our services concerning tiles in brief.

Tile Sealing

All the porous tiles that require to be sealed can be taken care of by our expert technicians. By sealing the tiles you actually can prevent them from being stained more frequently. Sealing also helps your tiles to last longer as it prevents frequent contamination and deposit of dirt.

Tile Scrubbing and Stripping

Tile scrubbing and stripping is nothing but a cleaning procedure to remove old sealing materials and their residues that prevent the tiles from appearing clean and unadulterated. Equipped with state of the art materials and experience we can easily strip your tiles from all harmful deposits that are damaging for the tiles. Besides stripping the old seals we can also offer fresh sealing service for your tiles. We undertake stripping and resealing tasks in all areas of your house including rooms, bathrooms, backyard, pools and outdoors.

Tile restoration

If your tile condition became dull and discoloured and you need to revive them to the original look and feel, our tile grout cleaning service can help you to do so. We not only clean your tiles and restore them to the original colour and shine, but we also prevent tiles from getting tampered and stained frequently.

Tile Regrouting

If the grout on your tiles is facing constant deterioration, we can help you with tile regrouping. By regrouping we can give a complete facelift to your tiled floor and help making the floor appearance better by preventing wear and tear. By regrouping the appearance of the tiles can be improved to a great extent and can be made better.

Tile repairing

In case, your tiles are cracked or chipped or loosened or discoloured and you do not know how to repair them, we can do it for you. We can revive you’re cracked, loosened or discoloured tiles in all areas of the home. In case you have spare tiles that need to be installed in some areas, we can also help you do that. We have an experienced team of tile repairing and tile setting technicians who can undertake any task for giving a facelift to the look and feel of your tiled floor.
For all your tile and grout cleaning Melbourne, call Toms Cleaning today.
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