Tile and Grout Cleaning

How To Clean Travertine Tile Effectively?

Travertine is one of the most popular tile types in Australia because of its endurance and beauty. After polishing and finishing, they look quite like marbles. However, they can wear out quickly in the presence of dirt, foot traffic, changes in climate, etc. Thus, it is necessary to be mindful of travertine tile cleaning and […]


How To Remove Dried Paint From Tile and Grout?

Accidental paint spills on the tile and grout can be a disaster because they cannot be removed with simple tile and grout cleaning. It may leave stains behind, which will make your tiles look ugly. The dried paint means it is already settled on the tiles and grout and you need to remove it and […]


Vital Tips and Hacks for Stone Tile Cleaning and Maintenance

Professional tile and grout cleaning is the best way to keep your kitchen, bathroom, and hall tiles crystal clear. However, you cannot call professionals all the time. Therefore, learning the best tile floor cleaning tips and hacks is necessary. 3 Tips for Stone Tile Cleaning Know your stone type before trying any DIY hack. Always […]


What Are the Major Advantages of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning?

Tiles are part of all houses in Melbourne, be it your bathroom, kitchen splashback, or living room, you will find tiles in each house. Usually, people prefer tile and grout cleaning at home, but professional services have many benefits to offer. Of course, you might not want to use professional tile and grout cleaning Melbourne […]


Important Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips to Avoid Tile Replacement

Beautiful and well-designed flooring plays an important role in increasing the aesthetic value of your home. It creates a healthy environment in your sweet home and makes you feel fresh and happy all the time. Clean grouts, stones, and tiles give your home a nice touch and at the same time make tile and grout […]


How to Clean Mould in Shower Tile and Grout Naturally?

How to Remove Mould in Shower Tile and Grout naturally is one of the most asked for the question to us, since your bathrooms get dirty often with regular use. In this article, Tom’s Tile and Grout Cleaning professionals are going to share with you how you can clean your bathroom and toilet’s tile and […]


How to Prevent and Clean Shower Tile Grout

Clean shower tile grout isn’t an easy task as it is shown in TV commercials. It takes a lot of efforts and the right process to do so. Cleaning a bathroom tile is the hardest thing especially the grout between the tiles. It gets stains easily and the dirt gets trapped deep down inside. It […]


Is tile mopping sufficient to keep the tile floors clean?

Homemakers are very well acquainted to the efforts of tile mopping required in keeping the home clean especially when children or pets are around. A clean house is not just beautiful to be in but it is essential to maintain cleanliness when considering the health hazards associated with dirt and stains. Dusting, mopping and carpet […]


Top 4 Ways to Protect Tile and Grout From Mould Growth

The growth of mould in the minor cracks, crevices and tile grouts can give a very shoddy appearance to your beautiful home. Not only it looks bad but is also unhygienic! Hence, you need to figure out ways and tricks to combat this problem! This article will guide you on best ways for Tile Grout Cleaning that […]


5 Major Reasons to Hire a Professional for Tile and Grout Cleaning

Your tiles might be durable and functional, but if you are not using grout and tile cleaning services from professionals, then it can be difficult to keep it clean and hygienic. Tiles may have mildew and mould, which can get spread across and make your bathroom and other areas with tiles look ugly. Also, mould […]

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