Is It Safe to Use Vinegar for Porcelain Tile Cleaning

Porcelain Tile Cleaning

There would be hardly any house, which does not have tiles in it. Earlier, people used to use tiles only in bathrooms and kitchens, but now, tiles are used in multiple areas of the house such as the living room, bedroom, guest room, etc. If you have tiles, knowing the tile cleaning facts is necessary.

You must be cleaning your tiles and grout on your own and if you are using vinegar for cleaning the tiles, especially, for porcelain tiles cleaning, you must read this blog.

Why People Use Vinegar for Tile Cleaning?

  • The number one reason is a flood of articles sharing DIY hacks on cleaning the tiles. Each of them includes vinegar as one of the most effective cleaning solutions.
  • It has strong antibacterial properties. Therefore, many people use it to clean mould and kill other bacteria hoisting on the tiles and grout.

Is Vinegar Safe to Use for Porcelain Tiles Cleaning?

  • The answer in one word is, no.
  • You should not use vinegar in any form to clean tiles. People suggest it should not be used to clean natural tiles. However, the fact is, vinegar should not be used to clean any type of tiles.
  • The porcelain tiles are a resemblance of natural tiles and therefore, they are more likely to get more damaged if cleaned with vinegar.

Why Should you Avoid using Vinegar for Porcelain Tiles Cleaning?

We would say, vinegar should not be used to clean any type of tiles, but for porcelain tiles, you must avoid using it because it can do more harm than good.

Some of the Major Reasons to Restrain Using This Cleaning Solution are Listed Below:

  • Vinegar has acidic properties, which is why it is a great antibacterial solution. However, this characteristic of vinegar causes more harm. It damages your porcelain tiles. Even if you use it in small quantity, it is powerful enough to damage the tiles. Sometimes, the effects are mild and take longer to grab your attention.
  • It can take off the shine of your porcelain tiles and make them look dull.
  • If you use it for stain cleaning, then the only tile, on which vinegar is used as a cleaner, will look dull. This will make it look misfit and ugly.
  • As it has strong acidic properties, even after completion of the tile cleaning process, it will be left in an active state. If it comes in direct contact with people or pets, it can cause allergies like itching, rashes, etc.

What to Use for Porcelain Tiles Cleaning?

  • Instead of using vinegar, you should only use water and mild detergent for porcelain tiles cleaning.
  • You can use tile cleaning solutions that are recommended by your manufacturer for cleaning.
  • If your tiles look dull or too filthy, it is better to use professional cleaning services from experts instead of using vinegar.

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