Stepwise Guide for Kitchen Tile Cleaning

Kitchen Tile Cleaning

The Kitchen is the place where you cook and other family members search for food. In some houses, the kitchen also has a dining table to have food. This cooking, eating and hanging out leave stains, spills, grit, dirt and mud. As food gets prepared here, the hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen have to be the top priority. In all houses, the common kitchen cleaning includes only floor cleaning with a vacuum or broom, but it is not enough. The kitchen tile cleaning has to be done the right way. Here is a stepwise guide for the effective tile cleaning of the kitchen.

4 Easy Steps for Kitchen Tile Cleaning

Step 1: Sweep And Vacuum

You must sweep and vacuum your kitchen tiles daily. Before starting the kitchen tile cleaning process, sweep the tiles followed by vacuum to make this process hassle free. For vacuuming, use a handheld vacuum with a wand attachment.

Step 2: Focus On Tough Stains First

If your kitchen tiles have stubborn stains, then they should be cleaned first. To clean these stubborn stains, use warm water and scouring powder. The mixture should be 50/50. Rub this mixture exactly on the spot, and then let it sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, take a soft brush and scrub the stain spot again for 1-3 minutes. In the end, clean it with warm water and a rag. If you still see the stains, repeat this process.

Step 3: Clean The Grout

Often people mop before cleaning the grout, but grout cleaning needs to be done before mopping. This makes the whole job less painful and less time consuming as well. You can use readymade grout cleaners to clean the kitchen tiles. I, personally, prefer natural grout cleaner which is made of baking soda and warm water mixture. Make a thick paste of baking soda and warm water and apply it on the grout. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the area. Take a spray bottle to spray water and rinse the paste. It is fine not taking much time in rinsing the paste, as anyways, we will mop it after this step. Repeat this process until the grout is cleaned from the tiles. For stubborn grouts, you need to let the paste sit for 5-10 minutes.


How To Clean Grout On Floor Tile Without Floor Cleaner

Step 4: Mop The Tiles

As now, the stains and grout are cleaned from the kitchen tiles; this is the time to mop them. This is the last step of kitchen tile cleaning. Here also, you can use readymade cleaners or make the natural one. Make a mixture of vinegar and warm water to clean the dirt from the tiles. You can also mix water and detergent to clean the tiles. Now, rinse the floor of the kitchen and other tiles with the clean water until it is cleaned completely. Let the floor dry or you can use another mop to dry the floor.

That’s it! After this process, you will have a brand new look for your kitchen with shining tiles.

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